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  1. Browse products 8C CAFE offers you a variety of products, please select the products you like first, and read the detailed description of the products carefully.
  2. put it in the cart After reviewing the product description, click on the shopping cart.
  3. Login memberIf you are already a member of 8C CAFE, please log in directly by entering your member ID and password. If you have not yet joined the membership, please add members first to complete the member login process.
  4. Complete the shopping information correctlyThen enter the purchase list page to fill in the information. At this time, please check carefully whether the product name, amount and quantity of the purchase list are correct, and then fill in the remaining unfilled fields in detail, in order to ensure the success of the transaction, and let the goods be sent quickly and without errors. In your hands, please fill in the order information carefully, especially the recipient's Chinese name, phone number and shipping address.
  5. choose to pay by cash Finally, enter the checkout page, fill out the payment information, and press the enter key to complete the order.
  6. Seal the deal After the standard item is purchased, you can receive the ordered item within 5-7 working days.