Brand Story

8C was established in 2000. In the 19 years since then, a CEO who loves coffee and idiots has insisted on the persistence and persistence of coffee quality. He founded the 8C baking bean workshop! The dream exists because of persistence; the achievement is realized because of love. The 8C Baked Bean Workshop offers the freshest coffee and creates a unique world of hand-washed coffee. Emphasize the coffee's aroma, smooth, clean, thick taste. That's right! Our coffee will talk!
The dry, wet, soft, and pure taste of all the coffee, through the taste buds in the mouth, she will tell you completely. Her fragrance, her alcohol, her emotions are stimulating your tongue and occupying your taste buds. Our coffee shakes every nerve in your body; our baking retains the most essential fruit acidity of each coffee, and this is the soul of coffee!

8C Coffee House

it's here....
The status of Coffee Coffee is absolute
Comfy's comfortable environment is inevitable
Convenient is a convenient way to do it.
The culture of the culture is full of air
Chat people talk freely
Convergence people create intersections
Connection people connect to each other
Community people become communities

Coffee Love Letter

Coffee, entering my life, is greater than my life, so beautiful, with a love letter in mind.
8c coffee executive, Xiao Yulin elaborated on coffee and those who came to drink coffee with delicate words.
In addition to brewing coffee, it takes you through the rugged life. A cup of American coffee for the soul of melancholy;
Give a cup of caramel latte to a child who still dreams of never growing up like a child;
Give you a cup of cappuccino on your way to love;
In the small cafe, not only the cup of aroma of coffee, but also your story.
What kind of injury do you have? What kind of dreams are you taking? What kind of coffee is it suitable for?
The kettle of thoughts is tilted and the water is flowing out.
Xiao Yulin brewed a pot of poetry and a cup of coffee with a bitter taste.
Let us taste the sorrows of ordinary people and let the world return to the original gentleness.
Blogs, Jinshitang, Eslite, City State Reading Garden and other major bookstores are sold.