What services does 8C offer?
The "Freshly-baked coffee beans are delivered to the house every day" service, and you can easily taste the really good quality coffee at home.

How to order coffee beans and related products?
Choose the quantity that suits your order, order directly online and checkout or go directly to the 8c Kaohsiung Art Museum store.

Need an additional shipping fee?
Need, use black cat home delivery, Taiwan Island shipping 130 yuan (commodity up to 2000 yuan free shipping), outlying island shipping costs 220 yuan (commodity up to 2100 yuan free shipping)

What are the characteristics of 8C coffee beans?
  • 1. Select each fresh coffee green bean according to the production period of each country.
  • 2. Strictly check every detail, from the selection of the place of origin, the processing, drying, transportation, storage, baking and packaging of raw beans, all through the careful control of professionals to ensure quality.
  • 3. Daily freshly baked coffee beans.

What is the payment method?
Provide remittance, cash on delivery, credit card payment, convenient for your order, safe, fast and time saving.

What kind of cash flow service does credit card payment use?
Green World Third-Party Payment Co., Ltd. is a professional third-party payment system that is mainly responsible for gold flow processing.

When will I receive the ordered item?
Your goods will be received within 5 working days after you complete your order, and 8c will be shipped directly with the logistics company to ensure that you receive fresh coffee beans quickly.

How to check the order delivery status?
8C Coffee will receive your order within 24 hours, you will receive an E-mail notification and will receive the coffee beans within 3~5 working days after shipment. If you do not receive the item you ordered within 5 working days, please be sure to contact us immediately and the service staff will handle it immediately.