Hand Coffee Knowledge

Drinking around the world every day1.6 billion cups of coffeeMore than 100 million people work on coffee, and 1 billion people have at least one cup of coffee a day, which means more than 7 billion people worldwide.Every seventy people have one person’s workRelated to coffeeI am one of them. At least one person out of every seven people will have a cup of coffee every day. I believe you may be one of them.

There are a wide range of coffee lovers in the world. In recent years, the population of coffee has continued to increase. It has formed a potential consumer market. Coupled with the different degrees of baking and production of coffee beans, different tastes are produced. Consumers want to Choose according to your favorite taste.There must be a group of jobs that insist on coffee.By!

8C Coffee Dance ~ through"Hand stirring bar" hand coffeeDancing a cup of coffee, dancing your life, stimulating your taste buds, letting you have a taste of coffee, and savoring life! Falling in love with coffee, falling in love with coffee, all the touch of the heart is not just books, music, paintings, friends. It is life. It is nature, but is it a cup of coffee? Is it easy and simple?

Your need is a healthy cup of coffee

With the advancement of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life, coffee has become a daily necessity for many people. 8C Coffee dances your life, teases the old taste buds, such as the first love surprise, from the siphon principle, aloneHomemadeStirring bar quickly cures tannic acid by tappingLet coffee enter my life, more than my life, so beautiful, with a love letter.

The rise of hand-washed coffee, the biggest charm is that it can be seen simplyCoffee freshnessYou can also taste the original flavor of coffee, but how to extract the clean taste is another learning. For example: The coffee liquid extracted from the siphon coffee is not just a method of brewing. Due to the effect of the atmosphere of thermal expansion and contraction, the coffee essence in the coffee beans seems to be drawn out (direct fire extraction). But the coffee tail is very strong,coffeeThe cause of morphine is also relatively high. So how do you makeHand punching coffeeHand stirring barStirring method, extracting a different coffee that can be cooked like a siphonic tail.Hand-washed coffee is also the lowest extraction method for caffeine in the world..

Do you know coffee? What kind of coffee are you drinking?

McDonald's, 7-111, Starbucks---The market is full of re-roasted coffee. Many people only drink coffee for coffee. Of course, there are many people who taste coffee, like coffee and the taste of love. It is not so much. It is coffee, it is better to say that coffee has the expectation of falling in love. Although the hand-washing coffee is much simpler than the siphoning pot, it is because the simple, subtle and delicious key is easy to be ignored. Many people have cooked for decades, only to find out when they are brewing coffee. There are so many methods, and there is no right or wrong. Like a chef, the same ingredients are each available.

Hand coffee is really great!You can watch the water flowing gracefully when you are rushing, and the color of the rushed coffee is clear and opaque. We only use the front extraction to prevent it from leaking to the end, because the back section is more prone to odor, so the coffee should be found. The good taste of "going to the clams", the temperature of the coffee beans, the amount of powder and the amount of water, and the thickness of the coffee beans. And the most important thing is, is this really good? Drinking coffee is as subjective as if you like to eat spicy or not spicy. Hand-washed coffee extract combines a variety of factors. If you adjust a link, it may affect the taste of coffee. Knowing the operation of the extraction helps you to control the flavor of your coffee and find out the multi-layered taste of the coffee. For example, the length of the steaming time will also have different tastes.

Therefore, the difference in the results of the boring and hand-crushing of the results of blind testing by many universities lies inWe stir the stir barQuickly tapping coffeeTannic acid ripening tasteIt is the most accepted, and it can also be used to sip a strong coffee with a thick finish.

Write a love letter for coffee - extract every cup of coffee with love

The creative content of our proposal, "Hand Stir Bar", is designed according to ergonomics. His curvature is designed by tapping the coffee. The general stir bar is 180 degrees straight, and the hand stir bar The arc can reach 360 degree tapping extraction, the straight stirring bar beats to achieve partial extraction, and when the 8C special two stirring sticks are placed together, they will show a curvature that is just in line with love. It is to extract each cup of coffee with love.

Simple creativity, in addition to delicious and healthy minds - a cup of coffee that can't be returned

In addition to coffee, in fact, most of the old ladies like to see coffee. How do you rush out a cup of coffee like teppanyaki? The eye-catching chef is the temperature, speed, and look. Know the nutrients of coffee, using uniqueHomemade stir bar tapping extract coffee juiceIn addition to strengthening the hand-washed coffeeExcept for extraction and ripeningBecause of the persistence of the extraction method, the coffee with burnt and odor can be removed, and the coffee with the siphon coffee can be drunk, and enjoy the aroma of the coffee, therefore, An ergonomic stir bar is paired with coffee beans that we have carefully selected, and the coffee is full of love and rich aroma.Coffee that can't go back.(Hand coffee PK. Siphon coffee)

Let consumers understand the intentions of the operators - coffee also has a production resume

The coffee beans of 8C coffee are selected by "selection", "choice", "severe selection", "selection" and "preferred". They are selected from different countries and each has different floral fragrances and sunshine with cocoa beans. , showing another flavor, other than thatBaking for the persistence of quality and the characteristics of raw beans in different producing areas8C Coffee builds its own baking factory for consumers. 8C coffee tastes smooth and smooth, throat is full-bodied, sweet and sweet, a cup of "I" coffee is not like this.. Easy, simple? Drink coffee at 8C Every time, every one will be attachedCoffee resume cardThe contents of the introduction all indicate the origin, altitude, aroma and treatment of each coffee. If you have 8C unique coffee, you can use the resume card to ask and buy at the counter. This is to avoid disturbing guests. Between the conversations, you can also give your guests a sweet coffee knowledge sharing.8C coffee also has one-on-one hand-washing coffee teachingThe objects are mostly guests. When the teaching test passes, the certificate of completion will be issued. This way, the 8C can let the old people drink the rich coffee in the visual and taste, and buy the coffee with good quality. Learn the skills of 8C's unique hand-made coffee.

Therefore, the source of increased revenue is through:
1. Special hand-made stir bar (currently unique), and adhere to 100 ° C water extraction hand coffee.
2. Coffee resume sharing card fromWe started sharing 10 years ago.(Don't dare to say first, it is also one of the foundings).
3. After you get your resume card, you will go to the store to buy coffee beans, which can save time. If the store staff is busy, they can also avoid negligence to serve the guests, so that customers can purchase their favorite coffee beans with peace of mind.
4. Open one-on-one teaching, so that guests can enjoy the fun of the day's store manager, because uniforms must be worn, and teaching will be preferred by the guests' own favorite.
5. The coffee love letter was published, sharing the atmosphere of the whole 8C, letting more people know about 8C, selling 6000 copies in three months, another innovation, and relatively increasing the revenue of nearly 2 million.
6. The hot sale of coffee beans, ear hooks, 8C lovers, and coffee noodles is because we are different from the market stir sticks and beat coffee, which arouses the resonance of the old people.

Love coffee, we are not alone, we are a gathering by sharing

8C coffee will go to find out the unique coffee every time to share with 8C members and old friends, for example: 8C coffee launches Panama green geisha coffee (18 champions, 5 rainforest cups test champions), we First launch 1. Invite 8C members to taste the legend of geisha coffee, we will first share the story about geisha coffee, 2. Let members know that geisha coffee can also be extracted with 8C hand-mixed sticks to extract the unique and unique flavor. Coffee, 3. Members can purchase in priority, and enjoy exclusive discounts for members, enhance the knowledge sharing of 8C coffee lads, and the sensitivity of taste, and successfully create a good interaction between 8C coffee and guests. Have the stability of the source.

Passing Demand Through Sharing

When the idea is introduced, it brings a lot of coffee lovers to 8C, and because we actively share the different tastes of each coffee, it guides consumers to understand how to distinguish the taste of their favorite coffee, and also increases the number of coffee lovers will take the initiative. Please teach us how to make coffee and how to distinguish the coffee beans. Because of the different backgrounds, each coffee bean has a unique flavor. Coffee lovers can choose the favorite coffee beans according to their favorite taste.And use various methods of brewingIt will release the flavor of coffee to the fullest, and can discuss the taste of different regions. It emphasizes that "paste" coffee is like the way of enjoying wine. It is relatively cheap compared to red wine, but it has the same good taste.

At least one person per seven people will have a cup of coffee a day, I believe you may be one of them.

Based on the above innovative research and methods, 8C's unique hand-mixing rod can extract the thick coffee like the siphon tail rhyme by hand. The handle is punched forward. The middle and the rich and multi-level combined with the siphon is thick and full. When you enjoy this cup of coffee, you can taste a multi-layered flavor, and Bady is thicker. Therefore, the unique hand punching skills,Leading cooperation and alliances in different regionsFor example, Breeze Plaza Taipei Station, Wanhua Hotel, Dajiabian Home Story House, Central Science Park, etc., and cooperation with Taichung University of Education and Asian University.

Because we blindly measure the data from many universities, the difference between steaming and hand-mixing is that our stir bar can be quickly beaten to quickly ripen the tannic acid in the coffee. This taste is the most accepted.

Good things to share with good friends, 8C coffee invites you to fall in love with coffee

Because coffee is affirmed and recognized, so 8C coffee can be used with different hands to make desserts and light foods. 8C constantly pursues market demand, in addition to the local coffee products, fresh, healthy and delicious, in response to the consumer market. Increase product service projects, and because of the regional differences in storefronts, adopt different catering structures and price points to meet the needs of the consumer groups.