Panama Green Label Geisha Ear Coffee

  • Panama Baby Geisha
  • Panama Baby Geisha
  • Panama Baby Geisha
  • Panama Baby Geisha
Panama Baby Geisha
Panama Baby Geisha
Panama Baby Geisha
Panama Baby Geisha
Panama Green Label Geisha 10g / Pack
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The pronunciation of Geisha coffee is the same as that of Japanese geisha. It is also a classic coffee classic in the millennium. It comes from Geishe Mountain in southern Ethiopia. It grows at an altitude of 1600-1800 meters above sea level. Riga introduced coffee trees to Panama, and unexpectedly found that coffee beans have citrus, floral and nutty flavors. The 2004 Cup competition was named after it. Panama Jade Manor won the 18th championship again in 2017 and won the Rainforest Alliance Cup Test Competition 5 The winner of the championship.

8C baking bean workshop
Product name
Panama Green Label Geisha Hanging Ear Coffee Bag
Brewing method
Hand punch
Aluminum foil packaging
Six months
Place of origin
Baking ground
Taichung, Taiwan
Caffeine content
Baking degree
Fruit acidity
Berry, tropical fruit sour and rich sweetness
* After opening, please drink as soon as possible during the fresh-keeping period, and seal it in a cool place.
Over the ear coffee brewing method
1. Rip the inner band
Tear off the top edge of the filter bag by the arrow
2. Hanging on the edge of the cup
Hang the filter bag on a warm cup
3. Brewing hot water
Brew with hot water to the amount of water required
4. Take out after soaking
After soaking for 1 to 2 minutes, remove the filter bag and drink.
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